Five benefits of outsourced marketing management

The right formula for recruiting marketing expertise will vary from business-to-business and will be dictated by the time, skills and expertise that you have in-house together with your plans for growth.

Outsourcing the management of your marketing may be particularly relevant for you if:

A full-time overhead is not necessary but you do not want to compromise on expertise.

Outsourcing to a professional allows you to tap into expertise at costs that are proportionate to the work involved. It also gives you the flexibility to handle spikes in workload allowing you to bolster resources when you need to.

You want a service that is absorbed in your world.

In an outsourcing scenario your consultant will commit an agreed amount of time and range of services to your business. They will quickly develop an in-depth knowledge of your products and services, industry and of the challenges you face. They’ll then apply this knowledge holistically across all areas of your marketing activity meaning that you can avoid re-briefing a different party each time a new project arises.

You’ve been getting on with it but it’s neither your priority nor area of expertise. 

Often for many small businesses one or two senior individuals take responsibility for marketing activity.  There comes a point when there is a cost for not progressing with your actual role because you are juggling writing a media feature and approving the new website design with taking calls from advertising sales people.

You’re hiring but can’t find the skills you are looking for right now.

Your recruitment plans may be taking some time to complete but your marketing operation needs to move forward now.  Outsourcing can provide you with the flexibility to apply interim resources that will continue to present your business with new opportunities.

You want to hire in certain skills which you know are not present within the company.

You may already be applying internal resources to particular areas of marketing but others are left untouched.  Outsourcing specific activities will enable you to cover more bases.

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Emma Mauger